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  Cheng Chin Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. is the rapid rise of the professional development, and production of high-tech enterprises in the PCB ink. Cheng Chin Electronics was founded in 2000, seven years, rapid and steady pace of development of the company. Seven years into the 21st century, the company's sales growth rate of an average of 80%, one of the China sales of the fastest-growing large-scale PCB ink manufacturers. Cheng Chin Electronics with the most advanced production facilities and equipment,production automation,mechanization process.

  Cheng Chin Electronics "Technology, innovation, integrity, management development philosophy, positive development, the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and techniques, selection of imported raw materials.
  Material and in close cooperation with professional R & D institutions at home and abroad, PCB ink industry in China after years of efforts, product maturity, stability, and in series, and in 2005 took the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Company in the market with quality products and sound marketing network, established a certain reputation, and establish a good brand image. Our products sell well at home and abroad, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other provinces and cities, exports to Europe, USA, India and other countries.
Looking to the future, Cheng Chin Electronics Development Goals: to continue to enhance the management capacity, develop the best products to provide the best services, and create the best brand to become a respected, most innovative companies.

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