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Day 8:30 to 17:30. Night 17:00 to 01:30(next day)
☆Production-related departments should work required to work overtime and weekend attendance.
A mid-year increment, bonus 2 system by the Suzhou New District Government the required standards of social security system, staff travel, sports and other sports activities.
Weekend, statutory holidays and paid leave system. Weekend, statutory holidays and paid leave system.
Your application information, biographical notes on the use of mail or send mail to the address below.
Address: Guangzhou Cheng Exhibition of Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.
Candidate data screening, interview, physical examination.
☆Part of the job is not hiring the color weakness, color blindness, as well as chemical sensitivities staff.
The information submitted by the candidates shall not be returned. Vote sent to the company's personal information for recruitment purposes only, and strictly confidential.

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